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Palermo Is A Real Rush

I almost cut short my visit to Palermo. It is an exhausting city. It is a noisy, dirty, chaotic, exhausting city. Motorbikes whiz past with reckless abandon, streets collect puddles of fish-water from frenzied seafood markets, garbage piles up on … Continue reading

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Random Pic: Your Chariot Awaits

Wedding carriage, Catania, Sicily, 2015.

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The Colorful Carts Of Sicily

The goal, upon returning to the endlessly fascinating island of Sicily, was to see firsthand a Sicilian cart. On my first full day there, this mission was accomplished. It was on the breathtaking hillside town of Erice. Having roamed its … Continue reading

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Five Things I Learned From My Stay In Seville

When it comes to traveling in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona get most of the press. But if you have the time, make your way south to Seville, once one of the richest cities in Europe and today still an incredible … Continue reading

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Bacon Fat In Bratislava

The Slovakian capital of Bratislava might seem an unlikely stop for the Eastern European traveler. If you’re aiming to see the big league towns, such as Prague, Budapest, and Vienna, you might be inclined to skip Bratislava. No doubt this … Continue reading

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You Look Like You Could Use A Brief Post About Budapest

As you may have heard, Budapest was once two cities cut by the Danube River. Buda lies in the hillside and is a bit more “suburban.” Pest is the commercial center, flatter but with more activity, home of that big … Continue reading

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Peace And Tranquility In Szeged

I stayed two days in Szeged, Hungary, and loved it for what it was: A relaxing, charming college town with a lot of outdoor recreation. Everywhere I explored those two days in June, people were out biking, running, swimming, sunning, … Continue reading

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I had simply assumed that I’d be able to reach Timișoara, in Romania, by train from Belgrade. I was mistaken. When I went to the Belgrade train station to inquire about tickets, the not-very-polite teller scoffed, “Timișoara?” Then she wagged … Continue reading

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Announcing A New Blog About Calabria & The Mezzogiorno

Last year I wrote a post about visiting part of Calabria, in which I touched on some Calabrese history, culture, travel, and a little family/immigration history. The subject has continued to interest me, to the point that I have decided … Continue reading

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Off The Beaten Path In A Serbian Kafana

Denizens of the the literati, the cognoscenti, the blogerati, and yes even the intelligentsia (here’s looking at you!) may be pleased to learn that there are still places on this green Earth not extensively Yelped, TripAdvisored, and Zagated to death. … Continue reading

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