Back from Italy, and I Brought Italian Citizenship With Me

Of all the souvenirs I might have brought home with me from my trip to Italy, nothing could possibly top what I snagged in one tiny Calabrian backwater village: My Italian birth certificate.

That’s right: I’m now recognized as an Italian citizen by birth. My birth certificate sits in the municipal office building in Marano Principato, the small hillside town in the state of Cosenza where my great-grandfather was born in 1890. Mine is a little bit different, since it lists my birthplace as “Madison, USA.” Nevertheless, it confirms that I was born an Italian national residing abroad, and is the culmination of several years of diligent work toward this end. I’m officially a dual citizen.

I’ll be writing more about the journey to citizenship, as well as the trip to Italy (and Switzerland!). Hopefully soon since I pretty much took the month of April off. Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Back from Italy, and I Brought Italian Citizenship With Me

  1. sayvan says:

    Very cool indeed!

  2. Aaron says:

    Congratulations – quite an accomplishment, I appreciate the diligence and follow-through required to work with the embassies and bureaucracies. Being American and getting my English marriage recognized in Portugal was enough to make me cry. I imagine this was a similar feat! Well done!

  3. Complimenti! Very exciting… Now you can easily live anywhere in the EU if you choose! (As soon as i saw the name “Underhill,” I knew you had to have Italian roots. Really, I can just imagine how it sounds in Italian… or Spanish for that matter.)

    • Ha, yeah it’s about as Waspy as you can get – straight up English. Which ironically is probably the least-represented nationality in my cultural makeup. (I’m probably mostly Irish, and 25% Italian.)

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Congratulations!!! … and thanks for keeping me thinking about it.

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  6. Totally Awesome! Congrats!!

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