Italian Citizenship Update: Still Waiting on that Birth Certificate…

As I mentioned back in February, my mother was recognized as an Italian citizen living abroad, through her ancestry. She applied at her local Consulate in Chicago, through her grandfather, an immigrant from tiny Marano Principato in Calabria. At the time, I wrote,

In a few months – if all things go smoothly – she will be able to apply for an Italian passport as well.

Of course, when dealing with two bureaucracies (Italian bureaucracies, at that), one ought not to expect things to go swimmingly. Actually, if things had simply gone strugglingly, that would have been better than what’s transpired in the past six months: nothing.

Well, nothing except for my persistent attempts to request her new, Italian birth certificate from Marano Principato. (Thank you, Google Translate.) We finally got word last week that they could not produce it, because the consulate had not sent all of the proper documents, including her American birth certificate.

After some back and forth with the consulate and the comune, we were informed that the documents would be re-sent via certified email. Once processed, a birth certificate would be sent to my mother in Wisconsin. Hopefully, this will be soon – I have my own citizenship appointment in November.

The wheel is turning slowly….but at least there are signs that it’s turning.

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3 Responses to Italian Citizenship Update: Still Waiting on that Birth Certificate…

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    I find this interesting because I qualify, and have thought it applying myself – but haven’t looked into it much.

    • You definitely should…it can be time-consuming but if you have patience it’s worth it in my opinion. That Italian Citizenship Free Forum/Message Board is invaluable. But let me know if you have questions about it and I can answer as well.

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