Is Memorial Day a Great Holiday or a Lame One?

This just in: holidays are awesome. But not all holidays are created equal. Depending on the time of year, tradition, day of the week, activities, and other factors, some holidays knock it out of the park, while others whiff and strike out. (Some hit a single.) So without further ado, let’s assess Memorial Day, which comes this Monday but of course encompasses the whole weekend.

Time of year/day of the week. When it comes to holidays, you’ve gotta hand it to the federal government. It got the memo that people want days off to celebrate. Unlike some religions which, under the pretense of tradition, hold stubbornly to arbitrary dates selected long ago, most government holidays are guaranteed to fall on a Friday or Monday. Memorial Day is always the final Monday in May, which not only gives people a three day weekend, but a glorious kickoff to that season synonymous with fun: Summer. Rating: 10/10.

Tradition. It’s a holiday meant to honor American servicemen and women, which Little Earthquake believes is a noble gesture. There is no societal pressure to do so; Memorial Day is for celebration of freedom as much for somber remembrance. Anyone looking for actual memorial services honoring their brothers’ and sisters’ sacrifices needn’t look far. Generally speaking, it’s a weekend to do with what we please, which is what they fought for. Rating: 9.

Activities. Remembering the fallen (as mentioned above) of course. Besides that, visions of Memorial Day involve outdoor barbecues, imbibing spirits, camping, amusement parks, road trips, beaches, baseball, family, music festivals, etc. If you don’t find at least one of those to be fun and relaxing, see a therapist. There is also always a chance of complete and utter anarchy breaking out. Rating: 10.

Overall. If there is a drawback to Memorial Day, it’s that travel (especially air travel) can be a nightmare. You must summon your inner Buddha if you are planning on flying or a long road trip. (Airfare is also usually jacked up that weekend.) Nevertheless, there is no need to go anywhere; there’s never been any traditional impetus to have to see far away family or go anywhere for traveling’s sake. Stay home, drink beer, and watch the Indy 500 if you like. Catch the first crappy superhero blockbuster of the summer. Check out the sales at Macy’s. Start that novel you’ve been meaning to write. Rating: 10.

Wow, that was an easy one. Memorial Day: Great holiday.

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