Blast in Moroccan Square Kills 15

Sad news today out of Marrakesh. A bomb exploded at a cafe in the crowded square known as Djemaa el-Fnaa, killing 15. The cafe, Agana, is popular among tourists and locals. It’s unclear whether it was a suicide bombing or not, and what the motivation was. The news story can be found here.

One thing I haven’t written much about, not necessarily by design, are the tragedies that have befallen our planet lately – earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear fallout, volcanoes, terrorist attacks, etc., etc. It’s not that I believe in whistling past the graveyard, or into it. Your chances of falling victim to any of these things (and especially a terrorist attack) are slim, and no reason to keep you locked in your house. I guess I just try to keep the focus on  fun and adventure, and away from folly and evil. Nevertheless it’s sobering when you’ve just gotten back from somewhere (in my case, Morocco) and are ready to spread the good word and write about all of these amazing sights and people, and then some asshole drops a bomb in a cafe in that very place. Not trying to be the victim – the victims were all in Marrakesh, in that square – it’s just sobering and disappointing – but not discouraging.

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