Flamenco in Madrid followed by Haggling in Fes

Luciana and I arrived in Madrid Tuesday evening around 9 pm – just enough time to check in to our hotel, clean up, and get some tapas and a Flamenco performance in. We were pretty pleased with ourselves. However we did need to wake up at 6:30 in the morning (already jetlagged) and get back to the airport so we could fly to Casablanca.

From Casablanca we hopped on a train to Fes, where we’ve spent the last day and a half. It’s mostly been a maze of dusty corridors in the Medina, looking at rugs, ceramics, and leather while fending off persistent salesmen trying to ply our dirham from us. Within the span of a few hours we became tough bargainers, talking one guy down from 750 dirham to 200 for a woolen bedspread. Not so much talking as resolving to walk away unless the price was right. The determination to walk away – what greater power is there? (X-ray vision?)

The riad, Lune et Soleil, is charming and hospitable, and features a courtyard with blossoming lemon trees. Anyway, we are off to catch an overnight bus to the Sahara – inshallah.

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