Packers Should Adopt “Throwbacks” As Regular Uniforms


AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

This is of the utmost importance, so pay attention.

On December 5, the Packers donned what the sports world calls “throwback” uniforms for their contest with San Francisco. The uniforms, pictured above, recalled the 1929 team (which won its first of – need I remind you – 12 championships that season).

Reaction to the jerseys was knee-jerk, and predictable.

Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press-Gazette opined,

My question is, who would buy such ugly apparel? At least we only have to put up with these hideous fashion statements once every decade or so.

Jim Buzinski of the sports blog ripped into the vintage threads:

We need Comic Book Guy to say “worst uniforms ever!” about the hideous throwbacks worn Sunday by the Green Bay Packers.

And‘s Kevin Seifert joked,

They harkened back to the Packers’ first championship team in 1929, when color didn’t exist.

Journalists and talking heads hating on throwbacks is like a comedian going for a cheap laugh. Are they really giving us critical thought, or just joining the sports media echo chamber? I’ll give Messrs. Vandermause, Seifert and Buzinski the benefit of the doubt; after all, they are simply weighing in on something totally subjective. But I’d like to thank Chris Christl, also of the Press-Gazette, for having the courage to speak up as he did today:

For the first time in more than 50 years, the Packers donned uniforms befitting their great tradition.

The Packers’ regular uniforms are among the ugliest in the league. The Chicago Bears’ uniforms, for example, fit the team’s image and history perfectly. So does Detroit’s — or, at least, their uniforms fit the image of the old Lions.

Those two teams dress like they belong in the “Black and Blue Division.”

But mustard yellow? It might be a nice color for a prom dress, but for a football uniform? No, take that back. Mustard yellow wouldn’t look good on anybody anywhere. And what does the ‘G’ on the helmet stand for? Greenbay? Is that where the Packers are from?

Well said, Chris. As he also noted, with some modification those throwbacks could and should be adopted as the Packers’ official uniforms. The numbers don’t need to be encircled, and having a brown helmet in an effort to mimic the old leather helmet is absurd. But the dark blue and yellow combination would make the Packers look much more dignified, something I myself noted last year in a column I wrote for The Fanzine. It would definitely be a step up from the vomit-inducing combination they sport today, which reminds me of one of those black and white movies Ted Turner tried to colorize.

But it will never happen – you’d probably sooner see them trade for Brett Favre again than change their scheme. Why? The fans. No fan base has quite as much sway as Cheeseheads, and they are notoriously stubborn about “tradition,” even if that tradition only dates to 1959 and is meaningless. Nevertheless, I think the team should give it a stab. I mean, what are the fans really going to do – stop buying tickets? Root for Chicago? Please. If they could trade Favre and get away with it, they can do anything they want. What the Packers need to do is change uniforms before a season filled with Super Bowl hopes, the way the Denver Broncos did in 1997. A 13th NFL championship would do wonders for their sense of fashion.

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