Did I Scoop the Brooklyn Blogs?

Five days after I posited the existence of hobbits in South Brooklyn, a blog calledBrooklyn Based did much the same. Pfffft. I was ready to proclaim an enormous scoop on my (now, suddenly) bitter rival, having made up the story first and with considerable embellishment, a labor that took me almost 45 minutes.

However, displaying the kind of hustling journalism this site will probably always lack, Brooklyn Based went so far as to interview extensively the residents of Dennet Place. It even features an account of a former resident who built an airplane inside his apartment. And while I’d like to lay claim to the hobbit idea, even as just a headline hook, it’s apparently so obvious as to be part of small-potatoes media groupthink. It goes at least as far back as this 2005 mention in A Brookyn Life, another neighborhood blog.

So as your writer, I can claim neither novelty nor thorough fastidiousness. Hey, this blog ain’t out to win Pulitzer’s. Instead, to get more readers, I’ll simply amp up the sensationalism. Which reminds me: I may have spotted a golem-like character doing the backstroke in the Gowanus Canal last weekend. More to come.

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